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Hello Neighbor 2 Bakery Guide (All Buttons) Mission 6

Hello Neighbor 2 Bakery Guide (All Cash register button Puzzle)

Hello Neighbor 2 Bakery Guide (All Puzzle)

Hi everyone in this post I am going to solve every puzzle of Hello Neighbor 2 Bakery, in this shop there is cat puzzle, book puzzle, Ice puzzle, plant puzzle and the clock puzzle. After solving all of them you will get buttons of the cash register machine, from there you will get the Museum Key.

So the Baker is baking some cookies and breads in bakery, and without being get caught by her you have to find all the missing buttons of the cash register mission. The 1st button is present in the ground floor, in the cat bed and the cat keeps playing with the button.

How to Get Button from the Cat?

The main objective to beat the bakery is to find all missing cash register buttons, first button you can get from the baker’s cat.

How to find Cash Register Buttons in Hello Neighbor 2

Enter the kitchen area by crouching down, then take the key from the back pocket of the Baker.

How to take key from baker

The the cat is playing with the button and not letting you to get the button, you need to arrange some meat for the cat to take the button.

Now enter the storage room and open up the refrigerator, there you will find the food for the cat.

Getting food from fridge for the cat

Once you give the food to the cat, now you can pick up the cash register button.

feeding the cat of the baker in hello neighbor 2
cash register button 1 found

Put the button to in the machine before the Baker catches you, now next all the buttons are in the 1st floor.

How to get the button from Plant?

Our 2nd button is in the plant at the balcony of the 1st floor.

How to take the button from plant in hello neighbor 2

First you have to go to the store room and you have to pick up the red valve from there.

Take the valve from the store room

Go to the 1st floor using inside stairs or the outside ladder and enter the bathroom, in the bathroom you have to put the valve to the pipe and turn it.

Put the valve in bathroom at 1st floor

It will cut the power supply of the plant in the balcony, just go there and using scissors trim out the plant.

Trim the plant with the scissors
Cash register button 5 found

Now you got the 2nd button, put it on the cash machine.

How to find the book key and open it?

Next key you can get from the big book at 1st floor. To open it you will need a key.

Book key location in bakery

The location of the key for the book is in the icebox of the kitchen area, you have to silently enter the kitchen and pick up the ice.

Pick up the Ice from the icebox

Now put the ice to the oven to melt it.

Put the ice cube in the oven to melt

Pick up the Fire Extinguisher from the wall near the cat.

fire extinguisher location

Once it melts, use the fire extinguisher to clear up the fire.

clear up the fire using fire extinguisher
Take the book key from the oven

Now take the key, and open up the book in the 1st floor. It will give you the 3rd button.

Button 6 found

Put the button to the machine.

How to solve the clock puzzle in bakery?

The last button is present inside the clock located in the 1st floor.

How to solve the clock puzzle

First you have to start the clock, find the hour hand of the clock.

Cut the patch on the wall

Hour hand of the clock is in a patch present in the opposite wall of the clock.

Hour Hand of the clock location

Use the scissors to cut the patch, then put the hour hand to the clock.

Put the hour hand to the clock

Now you have to match the clock with the digital clock near by, that is 10:35.

Set time as the digital clock
Register button 7 found

Just set 10:35 in the clock, and it will gave you the last cash register button.

Now you have all the buttons now you have to enter the pass code of the machine.

Bakery cash register password

The pass code is present in the portrait of the Baker, right here.

Just enter the pass code and you will get the museum key.

Congratulations! You solve the cash register button puzzle in the bakery and did beat the Baker as well.

How to beat the Baker in hello neighbor 2 (Video Walkthrough)

Thanks for watching our walkthrough and article guide, if you have any questions let me know in the comments. Have a great day!

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