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How to get the Scissors in Hello Neighbor 2 (Scissor Location)

How to get the Scissors in Hello Neighbor 2 (Scissor Location)

How to get the Scissors in Hello Neighbor 2

Hello everyone, hope you are well! In this post i will show you how to get Scissors in Hello Neighbor 2 game. In the beginning of the game you can get the Scissors from the tree house to complete the cop house missions.

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Later you can find the Scissors in the more neighbour’s house, such as in bakery, museum and other houses.

Hello Neighbor 2 Scissors Location

So, our first Scissors we can get from the treehouse. But the ladder of the treehouse is not accessible, so you will need another way.

Hello Neighbor 2 Scissors Location Tree house

If you go to the backyard of the house, there you will find a trampoline. Use it to jump to the house near the treehouse then sprint and run to the treehouse.

Trampoline to climb the tree house

Once you reached the treehouse, open the door. There you will see a card board robot with a missing hand and a toy train running.

Robot with missing arm of sword

In the second rail track our Scissors is stuck, all you have to do is just change the rail track using the switch near it. But! The lever is missing right!

Hello neighbor 2 Scissors location inside tree house

To get the lever you have to solve the robot puzzle, just go to the robot photograph and slide it to the left there you will find the missing robot hand.

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Robot arm loaction in secret drawing

Put the hand to robot and adjust the shield arm and sword arm position same as the photograph, now you will see robot will give you the switch lever.

How to get switch from robot in hello neighbor 2

Grab the lever and fit it to the switch and turn on the switch, then the toy train will change the track and will push the Scissors. Now you can pick up the first Scissors.

Plug the rail track switch and turn it on
How to get the Scissors in Hello Neighbor 2

Congratulations! you got the Scissors. (NOTE: This is a PC Gameplay, Nintendo Switch, PS5, Xbox Gameplay may different.)

How to get Scissors in Hello Neighbor 2 (Video Guide)

So that was the Scissors location in Hello Neighbor 2, hope you got it and enjoyed my post. If you have any questions please comment below and also subscribe our YouTube channel.

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