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Hello Neighbor 2 Hunter (Bear & Chest Key) Part 1

Hello Neighbor 2 Hunter (Bear & Chest Key) Pt. 1

Hello everyone how are you, hope you guys good. Welcome back to the Hello Neighbor 2 Hunter house (the taxidermist), in this house we have to find the safe code that is buried in the side of this house.

To find the code first you have to find all 4 missing pieces of map and have to collect them in the 2nd floor’s board to reveal the pass code of the buried safe.

How to find the map pieces in hunter house?

The first and the easiest map piece you can get from the bear mouth, that is in the 1st floor. But first you need to get the missing switch.

Map piece in bear mouth

The switch location is in the ground floor, there is another bear in that area. Just pick the switch from that bear and go to 1st floor.

Bear Switch in Ground Floor

Put the missing switch to the bear and turn it on, bear will open up the mouth and you will get the map.

Found 1st map piece from bear mouth
Map board with 2 pieces of map

Now put the map to the board in the 2nd floor.

Hello Neighbor 2 chest key location?

The chest key location in the hunter house is in the pillow in the 2nd floor.

Just pick the scissors from the table of the ground floor.

Cut the pillow using the scissors and get the key.

Now there is a shelf near the board, pick up the crowbar from there.

Then go to the ground floor and remove the planks from the chest area.

Open up the chest and you will find the another piece of the map.

Put this map too on the board.

So you found 2 pieces of map in this episode, in our next one we will find the next one.

Hello Neighbor 2 Hunter House (Video Guide)

Thanks you so much for following up my walkthrough and guide on hunter house, hope you found it useful.

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