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Hello Neighbor 2 Photo Pieces (The Picture) Mission 5

Hello Neighbor 2 Photo Pieces Location (Picture Puzzle) Mission 5

Hello Neighbor 2 Photo Pieces (Picture Frame Puzzle)

In this post i will show you how to find all missing hello neighbor 2 photo pieces in cop house, the picture frame and all the pieces are in the 1st floor of the house. Just you have to found the right location of the pieces, in this post i will show you all of them. This is the last mission of the cop house where you are gonna find 4 out of 4 keys of the basement.

The picture frame location is in the bedroom of the cop house, with 1 piece attached. We have to find rest of the photo pieces in the other rooms in 1st floor.

Hello neighbor 2 photo pieces

To get the 1st photo piece all you have to do is get the weight from the top of a cupboard opposite of the picture frame.

Take weight from the cupboard

Use the scissors to cut the spider web and pick up the weight, then take it to the toy car room.

Put the weight to the square box

In the toy car room you will see a huge square switch in the floor, put the weight on there.

1st photo piece found

It will open up a wooden cupboard on the other wall, take the 1st photo piece from there.

2nd photo piece from the pillow

The 2nd photo piece you will get inside a pillow in the toy car room, just cut the pillow using the scissors and you will get it.

3rd photo piece from the wooden box

The 3rd piece you will get in a box near the the lobby, you will need a crowbar to open it. Once you open it up, you will find the 3rd photo piece.

The 4th piece you will find in the self right before entering the picture frame room, remove the crime seen tapes from the self and pick the last photo piece.

All photos are found
Take the key from drawer by jumping

Once you put all the pieces to the photo frame a secret drawer will open and you will get the 4th out of 4 key for the basement.

Hello Neighbor 2 Photo Pieces Puzzle (Video Tutorial)

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