Hello Neighbor 2 dolls Location (Mission 2)

Hello Neighbor 2 Dolls Location Puzzle (Mission 2)

Hello Neighbor 2 Missing dolls puzzle (Mission 2) Cophouse

Hi everyone, welcome to the hello neighbor 2 walkthrough series. Today we will solve the dollhouse puzzle in hello neighbor 2, location and how to find them. In our last episode we found the scissors from the tree house, and in this mission 2 we will take care of hello neighbor 2 dolls location.

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This is our mission 2 if you are following our walkthrough series, inside the doll house there is the key (1 out of 4) for the basement. So, we need to open up the doll house to get the key.

So all we have to do here is, in the kitchen there is a small toy house where the toy dolls are missing.

Hello neighbor 2 doll house puzzle

You have to find them and put them in the order of the drawing on the refrigerator door.

Doll house drawing in the refrigerator

The 1st doll you can see it in upper corner box in the kitchen, that is Mr. Peterson doll but you can’t take that toy from this side.

Mr. Peterson Doll Location

You need to go through the lobby and slide a photo frame above the cupboard. Then enter the box chamber and grab the toy doll. Once you got it, put it on the house.

secret area

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Mr. Peterson Doll found
Mr. Pererson Doll on the doll house

The 2nd doll you can get in the kitchen near the house, there is a broken wall blocked by a plank.

Girl doll location in cop house

Inside there the 2nd toy doll is, you will need a crowbar to remove those planks. If you don’t loses the crowbar you found in the beginning, use it to remove the planks and get the girl doll.

Picking up the girl doll
Putting the girl doll on mini house

Note: If you don’t have the crowbar, don’t worry you are going to get in the 3rd doll location.

Secret combination lock near stairs

Go to lobby and near stairs you have to slide the little portrait.

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Here you will find a combination lock of 3 digit, now you need the combination.

Combination lock password in the television

The combination you can get from the television in the living room.

Turn on the television and focus on the capital letters. That’s the code: NOT

Secret chamber in the cop house

Now open the lock using code and now you will see a secret chamber with the 3rd boy toy doll and a crowbar if you need it.

Boy doll and the crowbar in the secret chamber
All dolls found

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How to open the dollhouse in hello neighbor 2

Now put the dolls to the doll house according to the refrigerator drawing, the the house will open up and you will get a 1 out of 4 key for the basement.

1 out of 4 lock of basement is unlocked

Thanks for reading this post, follow up the next post to find out other keys as well.

Hello Neighbor 2 Dolls Location (Video Tutorial)

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