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Hello Neighbor 2 Museum Guide (House Puzzle)

Hello Neighbor 2 Museum Guide (House Puzzle) Part 1

Hey how are you guys, this is Hello Neighbor 2 Museum time. In this post i will show you what to do in the museum, and how to solve the map house puzzle. By solving this you will open up the safe near the map.

Once you did it, safe will open up and you will get a key for the opposite door to a another lobby. Where the heart key is waiting for you. So let’s start this tutorial.

Hello Neighbor 2 Museum Map Houses Location?

So, in the map there are 3 houses are missing,  the first house is just above the safe and that is a museum.

Just pick it up and put it in the red area in the map.

We need 2 more houses, so we have to enter the museum hall area.

The 2nd house you will get from the right showcase of the hall behind the spider web.

Cut the spider web using scissors, and you will find the hunter house.

Note: If you don’t have the scissors just break the 2nd showcase in the right side or you can get the scissors in the bakery’s 1st floor.

So you got the hunter house, put it on the map.

3rd house is in the left side of showcase in the museum hall, just pick up the crowbar near to it and using crowbar break the showcase glass.

Now pick up the cop house and put it on the map.

Now the safe will open up and you will get the key for the next door near the safe.

Once you open the lock, enter the lobby and in a shelf there is a lamp pick it up.

Plug the lamp in the left side of the portrait and twist it.

Do same with the right side of the lamp.

Now portrait will move and you will see a door with spider web, clear the web using the scissors.

In this room you will find the heart key, that is the bedroom key of the neighbor.

Now you have to go to the bedroom of the neighbor, that is in the 1st floor. All you have to do here is, there is a picture frame of the neighbor’s family just pick it up and this ACT will finish.

After you finish this Museum Part 1 the hunter house will open up to explore, so see you there in my next post.

Hello Neighbor 2 Museum Walkthrough (Map Houses)

Thank you so much for following our Hello neighbor 2 Guide, hope you enjoyed this part. In our next part we are going to complete the hunter house missions. So stay healthy and stay tuned.

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