FarCry 4 Hindi Gameplay |GTX760 Ultra Setting|Shangrila #1

FarCry 4 Hindi Gameplay | Shangri LA – The Protector’s Arrival

Publisher : Ubisoft

Official Website : http://far-cry.ubi.com

FarCry 4 Hindi Gameplay Shangri LA – The Protector’s Arrival is a mysterious mission of heaven , where ajay was sent to release the bell of heaven. But Heaven is not full of happiness some of the group of monsters were attacking there. Ajay have to kill them with a white angle Tiger. This gameplay is made in Maximum Ultra Settings on GTX 760 2GB. and the most important thing is this walkthrough is in Hindi Language. Shangri-La is considered to be the place where goddess Kyra attained Nirvana. Shangri-La appears to be a large Kyrati temple, in a bright atmosphere.

Shangri-La is accessed first by the player during a mission for Yogi & Reggie. After the mission is completed, the player will be given the location of four other Thangkas, each one giving access to a Shangri-La mission. Shangri-La missions have their own chronological order and is independent of the location of Thangkas.

In each mission, the player plays as Kalinag, a Kyrati warrior, accompanied by a Sky Tiger. Kalinag speaks Hindi through out the missions, however, if the player turns on subtitles, the speech can be translated into the player’s own language. In the first four missions, the player must find Mani Wheels that will unlock a way to a Bell on Enlightenment, that must be freed by the player to kill the Rakshasas. The fifth mission involves a challenging fight against a flying bird demon atop a floating peak, which will free the last Bell of Enlightenment, freeing Shangri-La from the Demons.

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