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Watch dogs 2 Reveal Trailer Official + Gameplay

Watch dogs 2 Reveal Trailer : Ubisoft just Launched the Reveal Trailer of Watch Dogs 2 Upcoming Video Game.

Watch dogs 2 Reveal Trailer Official  – Watch on YouTube

Ubisoft is excited to declare that Watchdogs 2, the 2nd installment of the collection inspired from the super-linked truth of our everyday lives, is going to come to Computer, Xbox One and ps 4 on November 15th. You’ll play having a full team to assist you out and new resources available, like a new hacker in a brand new, vibrant environment. We’ve taken the lessons learned in the first game and extended the planet in bold new methods we think may fulfill those individuals who have been expecting anything better and bigger.

There is a lot more we can’t wait to share with you before the game releases on November 15th. Make sure to check out our E3 Schedule and the Community Content Roadmap blog posts to see what we’re cooking up, and download the Fan Kit and Cosplay Guide to cook something up yourself. Follow Gtxhdgamer on Twitter or Facebook for the latest news, and our YouTube channel for the latest videos. Official Website : Watchdogs2

Here are some Screen Shots of Watch Dogs 2 :

Watch Dogs 2 Haight Ashbury Twin Peaks Golden Gate Watch dogs 2 Reveal Trailer Lombard Chase Watch dogs 2 Reveal Trailer Watch dogs 2 Reveal Trailer Dedsec Followers

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