Watch Dogs 2 Story Trailer (E3 2016) by Ubisoft

Watch Dogs 2 Story Trailer 2016

Hi guys ubisoft revealed the final story trailer for the massive upcoming open world game Watch Dogs 2. Sharing you a brand new trailer must watch and share with your friends. This is going to be the best game of this year, want more things need to know about this game have a look on previously  shared articles Watch Dogs 2 System Requirements and if you want to download something see Watch Dogs 2 Wallpaper. The initial release date of the game is 15 November 2016 you can Pre-Order Watch Dogs 2 from the official watch dogs 2 website.

Watch Dogs 2 Story Trailer

Marcus Holloway teams up with Dedsec crew, an elite group of hackers engaged in a quest to shut down the plans of power hungry Blume CTO, Dusan Nemec and restore power to the people.  Thanks for watching Watch Dogs 2 Story Trailer E3 2016 , have a nice day and one more things don’t forget to share this article 🙂 Thanks in advance 🙂

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