Watch Dogs 2 Release Date Revealed (PC/Xbox/Ps4)

Watch Dogs 2 Release Date

Watch Dogs 2 Release Date Revealed (PC/Xbox/Ps4)

Ubisoft is excited to declare that Watchdogs 2, the 2nd installment of the collection inspired from the super-linked truth of our everyday lives, is going to come to Computer, Xbox One and ps 4 on November 15th. You’ll play having a full team to assist you out and new resources available, like a new hacker in a brand new, vibrant environment. We’ve taken the lessons learned in the first game and extended the planet in bold new methods we think may fulfill those individuals who have been expecting anything better and bigger.

Meet Marcus & DedSec

You’ll be dealing with the part of Marcus Holloway, an excellent young hacker who’s been suffering from the injustices he’s observed in the oppressive ctOS 2.0 program, so that as a target of the crime prediction formula that destroyed his life. Marcus can be a wonderful, funny man that understands how to own fun, but a separate idealist who would like to provide the people control.

Watch Dogs 2 Release Date

This time around, you won’t be dealing with this problem alone. Marcus will get together with DedSec, a strong number of like minded hackers using their abilities to reveal the system’s defects. Together they’ll attempt a combat a corrupt institution – companies, even competing hackers and public and personal security forces, criminal gangs they’ll see them move from rebellious pranksters to full blown “hacktivists.”

All this may take the ideal playground for hackers, the birthplace of the technology innovation as well as place within the San Francisco Bay Area. In the classy streets of Bay Area towards Silicon Valley’s lush lawns, the Bay Area is going to be yours find out and to investigate. Every community is just a new knowledge, and you’ll find surprises around every corner.

Whats New from Watch Dogs 1 in Game

Explore and Discover : The entire map is open from the start and every activity or event you encounter will contribute towards your progression in the game. Instead of unlocking towers, you’ll discover stories and rewards as you explore and interact with the world.

Hacking Expanded : Every character, every vehicle, electronics and other objects you’ll come across in the world can be hacked in multiple ways. We’ve greatly increased the flexibility to express your own hacking style and create your own solutions.

Player Tools : From new hacks, tools, guns and a killer new melee weapon called the Thunderball, Marcus is well-equipped to take on the establishment and seedy underbelly of the Bay Area.

Customization : Reflect your style with deeper customization options for your character, vehicles, weapons, and tools. Customization options will now be reflected to others while playing online.

Online Play : Watch Dogs 2 is a connected experience (though you won’t need an internet connection to play). We’ve taken everything you’ve liked from the original and expanded upon it to create a more seamless and complete online experience. From revamped PvP modes to introducing Co-Op play, as a DedSec hacker you’re never alone.

There is a lot more we can’t wait to share with you before the game releases on November 15th. Make sure to check out our E3 Schedule and the Community Content Roadmap blog posts to see what we’re cooking up, and download the Fan Kit and Cosplay Guide to cook something up yourself. Follow Gtxhdgamer on Twitter or Facebook for the latest news, and our YouTube channel for the latest videos. Official Website : Watchdogs2

Watch Dogs 2 Reveal Trailer (PC / Xbox / Ps4)

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